Poetry Piece

What if it were possible

To see souls instead of flesh?

How would our minds change?

Would it only be then that we treat each other better?

To me, this would mean

Seeing the actual person.

The whole person.

Everything hidden deep down would be free.

It all could finally come into the light,

With full confidence,

And while the actions may be judged,

The person may not — for they will still be loved and shown real love.

Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

It brings tears to my eyes,

And more well up in my throat.

Actual love is what people need.

Perhaps this is why so many people

Have a mental illness of some kind.

Or an eating disorder, be it over or under,

Society makes our humanity invisible to everyone else.

Poetry Piece

What is humility?

Real and true humility?

What does that look like?

How do I build this trait in myself?

Humility is a tricky trait;

Think about it too much,

Or see yourself too much this way,

It quickly turns to an ironic sort of pride.

Perhaps this is why

Life throws its curveballs.

Curveballs such as pain and heartache,

Or an uprooting of things not dealt with;

Things that are packed down

Deep within.

Humility is about growth

And change for the better.

Humility is what the human soul needs,

As the body needs water.

For humility is health

To the mind, soul, and body.

In thinking of humility this way,

I hope life will continue to throw its curveballs.

Yes, I do want this!

This is something I need.

Jackie Barrows

Jackie Barrows

Hi! My name is Jackie Barrows, and Storyvium is my blog site here on Medium. Here I will write essays, articles and fiction stories on issues in the world.